Thursday, 7 July 2016

Adopt This Easy Daily Habit To Give Your Health a Boost

I have been feeling unwell for some time with some pretty strange symptoms.  Despite trying everything I can think of, having numerous tests with the doctor and consulting a host of alternative therapists, a diagnosis has so far escaped me.  Against the advice of family and friends I had started to mention it to everyone in the hope that somebody somewhere would have some useful suggestions.

I have been experiencing a wide range of symptoms including tiredness which verges on narcolepsy.  It is like hitting a wall.  I suddenly am unable to communicate clearly, my eyes feel as though they are wandering around and I have brought lots of conversations to a very sudden close before scuttling off home to go to sleep.  I would sleep for hours but wake up feeling groggy and not much better.  During the night I could not sleep at all: tossing and turning until it was time to get up feeling totally unrefreshed.  My body ached and I was regularly experincing deep bone pain and a strange throbbing sensation from my knees down as well as muscle spasms.

Working on my computer was very unpleasant.  It felt as though it was plugged into me and draining my energy.  I was having trouble driving my car.  Long journeys became impossible because the longer I was in the car the more my body hurt and I would get so tired it did not feel safe to drive.  I was also unable to drive over 60 mph.  Once the speedo hit the 60 mark I started to feel as though I was falling backwards and about to pass out.  I have also had terrible trouble parking my car, unable to get it straight and having to have several attempts which is embarrassing.  Reversing into a parking spot was totally beyond me.

 A few weeks ago a new client suggested that I needed grounding and and advised me to research grounding sheets.  I looked at a few sites and it sounded interesting.  I then had to take my PC to the repair shop and when I went to collect it I had to wait.  I had been there 10 minutes when suddenly I knew I had to leave and would have to pick up my PC later.  I rushed home heading for the sanctuary of my bed.  I felt possibly the worst ever: way too close to sleep to be driving safely, my body hurt and I had a splitting headache. When I got to my front door I suddenly thought about the information I had read about grounding.  It was raining so I kicked off my shoes, went into the garden and stood on the wet grass with bare feet.  The transformation was astonishing.  Within a minute I felt back to normal. I no longer needed to sleep.  

I recommend you try your first grounding session  when you feel exhausted so that you can really appreciate the benefits.  It works best if you walk or just stand on wet soil or grass.

Although adopting these new habits has improved the way I feel by about 50% I still find the computer draining after some time so I'll leave this here and continue tomorrow with more information on grounding, the science behind it, the steps I have taken and products I have tried etc.

Happy Grounding!

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