Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Simple Steps to Make Grounding Part of Your Life

I mentioned in my first post how much better I was feeling after I started grounding myself by walking outside with bare feet.  I was so impressed with the results I wanted to take things further and these are the measures I have introduced so far:

Earthing Mats

I have been having issues using my laptop for a long time.  I could only ever do short stints at the keyboard and always felt as though the laptop was drawing it's energy from me.  I would very quickly become fatigued with a foggy mind and I was having a lot of trouble constructing sentences and spelling.  I bought four grounding mats from Groundology
Grounding Mat from Groundology
(  I have my keyboard and mouse on one and have found it's made a big improvement to how I feel.  I can now work on my computer for much longer periods without feeling dreadful.

I had also noticed that I felt particularly bad at work.  Two appointments was pretty much my limit before my brain stopped working and I would struggle to find words.  I was conscious that I was not making sense and was having to make excuses to clients.  I now work barefoot standing on a grounding mat and again it has made a massive improvement.  I can do six appointments with no problems.  I also have a mat to use when I am doing food sensitivity testing.

I have another mat upstairs in my bedroom at home to use when using the hairdryer or vacuum cleaner, to stand on just before going to bed (even if I have been outside for ten minutes before retiring).  If I start to feel groggy I go for a lie down with my legs resting on the mat and ten minutes is sufficient to revive me.

Static Electricity

Cheap & Effective
One of the symptoms I was experiencing, which was deeply puzzling and worrying, was difficulty with driving.  Long journeys had  become impossible: they were physically very painful.  I had difficulty parking my car and was almost always in the space at an angle and no matter how many times I tried to correct it and park the car straight I would still be skewiff.  The most bizarre issue was that I was unable to drive above 60mph.  Almost as soon as the speedo got to sixty I would start to feel as though I was falling backwards and about to pass out.  It was most disconcerting, especially on the motorway and I was starting to lose my confidence.

I started to tell anyone who would listen about my problem in the hope that at some point someone would be able to tell me what was happening.  After a few years a friend suggested trying one of those strips that used to be a common sight dangling from the back of cars and caravans.  They were originally sold as remedies for travel sickness.  It seems however that their purpose is to discharge the static electricity that builds up when a car is in motion.  I really didn't expect it to work.  It has however fixed the problem and I am now back to being able to park straight without thinking about it and can also reverse easily into parking spots again.  I have not yet been on a long journey since fitting the strip and haven't been on the motorway. I have however put my foot down when the opportunity has arisen and all seems to be well with no sign of the falling or passing out.  Fingers crossed.

Natural Fabrics

In an attempt to reduce static electricity to a minimum I have replaced all synthetic fabrics wherever possible.  I was having a lot of trouble sleeping and rarely slept for longer than an hour at a time.  When I woke in the night my head was very hot and I was experiencing restless legs.  I had bought new pillows and gone for "down like" polyester so I got rid of those and invested in feather pillows.  I got rid of all sheets with any polyester content and bought a cotton and feather mattress topper.  My sheets are now 100% Egyptian cotton (1,000 thread count and there is no going back).  Although I still wake up in the night it is usually just once and the quality of my sleep has improved dramatically.

I have also ditched the synthetic fabric beauty uniforms I used to wear for work and now have ones made from organic cotton and bamboo.  They are just as easy to care for, more comfortable and very easy to iron.

Having a Bath

I have a cast iron bath which is of course earthed.  Bathing in a strong solution of Epsom Salts  is a great way of grounding before bed as an alternative to going outside or standing on the mats.  My next investment will be an earthing pillowcase so that I can sleep grounded all night.  I will report back on my experience.  I just have to decide which version of the pillowcases to go for or maybe make my own.

EMF (Electric Motive Force) and EMF (Electro Magnetic Force)

I bought an Electromagnetic Radiation Tester on E-bay which measures both of the above,  I wanted to be able to see where the highest levels of these types of "pollution" were in my home and at work.  The results were quite surprising.
Electromagnetic Radiation Tester

Some of the things in my home which were giving harmful readings were to be expected such as the TV, my computer and broadband router.  I was however surprised to discover that items such as a lava lamp, set the alarm on the tester off even when they were switched off!  I now unplug all appliances as soon as I have used them and switch the socket off.  In addition, if I am watching TV, for example, I don't put on a lamp and I have removed my bedside lamp.

In my car, I now rarely use the sat nav or the radio as these increased the readings on the tester. I also have some orgonite on the dashboard.  I don't know if it works but I will give anyting a try.

I really hope this information is useful to somebody.  I have started to recommend these steps to all my clients and so far many have given positive feedback.

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