Monday, 31 October 2016

Could Moving Your Bed Improve Your Sleep?

Have You Heard of Geopathic Stress?

I heard about geopathic stress many years ago and it was one of those things that just slipped out of my consciousness.  As outlined in my recent posts, I have lately discovered I am now extremely sensitive to Electro Magnetic, Electro Motive forces and the radiation produced by the many gadgets which have become part of our daily lives.

As part of the recovery process, I have been having regular Bio-Resonance sessions.  Each time I get scanned however stress from EMFs and Geopathic Stress continues to feature in my reports.  Armed with this information I decided to look into the matter further.

I had intended to get someone in to test for geopathic stress in my home but when I discovered this was done using divining rods (which I have some experience of) I decided to give it a go myself.

I made my rods by chopping up an old wire coat hanger and I put the ends in a plastic straw cut in half so that the rods are able to move freely.  I started in my bedroom walking in straight lines to create a grid. The only place I got a reaction was in the region of my bed where the pillow is.  Oddly enough, I have been fighting a moth infestation for about two years.  They have devoured my carpet but only in the area where my divining rods indicate geopathic stress.

I decided to move my bed and see if my sleeping pattern improved at all.  The first night was terrible: much worse.  I was so restless I barely slept at all.  The next day I had someone coming to the house to Feng Shui it.  It's not something I had considered doing before but now I am willing to try everything.  

The Feng Shui expert confirmed that I had chosen the best position for my bed and explained that it may well take several days before I felt the benefits.

On the second night in my bed I discovered something very odd indeed.  The mattress is only about 18 months old.  It was cheap: I got it on Ebay!  So I was not that surprised (although somewhat disappointed)  when after a few weeks of use, the mattress started to develop a marked dip in the middle.  It seemed very odd because I have only slept in my bed on my own since getting the new mattress and I don't sleep in the middle.  Eventually it got so bad I had no choice but to shuffle into the dip to go to sleep.  If I didn't, it felt as though I was trying to sleep on the side of a hill.  When I got into bed on night two I noticed straight away that the dip had vanished.  There is nothing wrong with my mattress.  I've now been sleeping in the new position for two weeks and the quality of my sleep has improved enormously and my mattress continues to be dip-less.

So the moral of this story is, if you are not sleeping well then try moving your bed.  And if you fancy trying your hand at divining you will finds lots of tutorials on line.

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